They’re wrong.

34 weeks & 5 days – they’re wrong, the Doctors are wrong, I’ve been feeling my baby moving all day and yesterday after my scan, my belly was changing shape where my baby was laying on one side too, I got my heart Doppler out and I could hear my baby’s heart, my and my mum were amazed, my baby is okay – so mum phoned the hospital and they’ve told me to go for a scan, fingers and toes crossed all the way, we go in and they scan me straight away – my mum held my hand so tight, begging for the sonographer to tell me they’d made a mistake yesterday, but she didn’t her exact words were “I believe the findings yesterday are correct, do you want to see?” I didn’t want too, but I did – because I was positive my baby was okay and they were wrong, she turned the screen to me and I could see my boy, but no heartbeat. I was taken into a room where my consultant came in, he made me an appointment for Sunday to have an internal, then back on Monday to be induced. My consultant also told me that it’s such a cruel thing but even after a baby passes you can still feel them move with you, and the heart beat I could hear was the maternal heartbeat. How can you loose everything you’ve ever wanted in seconds, how do you go from being on top of the world to nothing, I honestly had it set in my head today that they had made a mistake. I would’ve been a good mum, I know it. 


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