My precious son.

32 weeks & 1 day – Back at fetal meds today for another reassurance scan. My little porkie was full of smiles in today’s scan.. opening and closing his mouth & wriggling round the screen, he’s so contented in there. Today’s meeting was a little positive again – the Doctors are now very confused as they think my baby’s kidneys are working and that he is producing fluid but it’s getting trapped in his bowel, but for some unknown reason today I had fluid around the baby – only a little – 1.5CM but that’s a lot considering I’ve had none at all since 22 weeks, and at 18 weeks it was only 0.7CM, they think that he has a hole between his bladder & bowel but won’t know for certain until the baby is here. Next appointment is on the 27th for final bits of planning to be ready for when my little man makes his appearance, 4 weeks and I get to meet my precious son, my reason for living. 💙 


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